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Valerie Chu, Ph.D.

LeMoyne-Owen College                       Self-Service    COSI 118: Intro. to Microcomputers
The University of Memphis                   My Schedule COSI 223: JAVA  I  
Yahoo!   Google  CS Required Major Courses in 2009 COSI225: JAVA II  JAVA PROGRAMMING (Spring 2010)
Commencement Activities      Tech Start-ups COSI 240: Discrete Structures
IT Required Major Courses    CS Required Major Courses ITEC 460 Information Technology Capstone
TLSAMP Summer Bridge Program       SMART-UP Program COSI 330: Data Structures       Data Structures in C++
 ITEC 305 WebPage Development COSI 335: Computer Algorithms
 ITEC 315 Client-Side Web Programming COSI 345: Database Management
ITEC 415 Server-Side Web Programming          COSI 350: Programming Languages
COSI 216: Programming in C++  COSI 460: Computer Science Capstone
COSI 324: Advanced OOP in C++ MATH 401: Probability and Statistics Theory

If you have comments or suggestions, please e-mail me :  (valerie_chu@loc.edu) or call me at (901) 435-1378.